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Maui Realtors: What You Need To Know

Maui is a great place for families of any size. However, before you plan a move to Maui and contact those Maui Realtors, there are some considerations that you should take care of. Here are a few things to look out for:

Take a serious look at your budget.

Determining whether or not a move to Maui is realisticallyin your budget should be the first step you should take.Contacting the Maui Realtors will certainly give you a goodprice guide. Many people fear that moving to Hawaii will beextremely expensive, and while the cost of living isslightly higher than most U.S. states, you can make acomfortable move to Hawaii if you plan wisely. Talk to yourfamily about ways you can save money for your move, andcontact estate agents in your state and Maui Realtors inMaui to find out more information about selling yourcurrent home and finding a new home in Maui. Maui Realtorsare very keen to help and their friendly approach is verynoticeable. It's also best to set a realistic timeline foryourself when you're planning your move so that you andyour family will know just how much money you need not onlyto move, but to live off of for at least the first coupleof months you're in Maui. Again the Maui Realtors willguide and advise you in this respect.

Find out what Maui has to offer.

You already know that Maui is beautiful and that theweather is virtually perfect, but what about all the otherfeatures that Maui has to offer? Learn about the island bygoing online (the cheapest way) and locating sites abouthistorical museums, recreational parks, and the bestneighborhoods to purchase homes in. For instance, the areasof Paia and Wailea have great homes and beautiful beachesclose by, so you'll need to contact a Maui realtor to findout how soon you'd be able to move into the home, as wellas the home's additional amenities. Contacting a Mauirealtor online is easy as well, since the sites thatfeature Maui homes will most likely have the contactinformation for a Maui Realtors in the area. Be sure thatyou know what you're looking for in a home when you'respeaking with an Maui Realtor so you can get the featuresyou need within your price range. Most Maui homes havebeautiful porches, spacious yards, and sunrooms, so if youneed (or want) these things in your home, be sure to letyour estate agent know. When you're searching forrecreational activities that will be close to your home,you can search online for parks and beaches close to yourdesired neighborhood. Be sure to visit places like the HanaCultural Center and Museum, the Whalers Village Museum andthe Maui Ocean Center to find out more about past andpresent Hawaiian culture and to familiarize yourself withyour new home.

Get ready to move.

By now, you and your family have definitely decided to moveto Maui, and have your housing arrangements in order. So,before you board the plane, take some time to learn as muchabout the Hawaiian culture as you can. Keep in constanttouch with your Maui Realtor as he will help you in manyways. A few weeks before the move, try to have Hawaiian orPolynesian food for dinner so that you can determine whichdishes you like best; this way, you won't feel out of placewhen you visit one of the many authentic Hawaiianrestaurants in Maui. Learn some common Hawaiian phrases sothat you can speak to the Hawaiian people in their ownlanguage. And, make visiting arrangements with your familyand friends, so that you can see each other as often aspossible; after all, who wouldn't want to take frequenttrips to Maui? Happy moving!

Charles & Susan Truett are the website owners of MauiRealtors Online. For a comprehensive listing of MauiRealtors, visit:


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