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San Diego Home Evaluation

The Southern California city of San Diego has all the attractions of a big city with the tropical feel of the coast. Covering nearly 350 square miles with over 1.2 million residents, the city has much to offer in all aspects of life. These offerings extend to the real estate field, which is good news to those who are looking to buy or sell a home. The population is growing as well, meaning more people need to buy San Diego real estate. If you are looking to sell your home in this seaside city, you have endless options.

First Things First

When first considering selling your home, you will want to set up an appointment with a qualified professional to have a San Diego home evaluation done. This process will take into account various factors and give you the estimated market value of your home. The value you get from your home evaluation will help you determine what you should list as your initial asking price for your home. This can be one of the most important things you do as you sell your home for a number of reasons. Many people try to estimate their home's value on their own and then formulate their own asking price. While this may work sometimes, it many times leads to frustration as the asking price is much higher than what should be listed due to market trends, etc. This then causes the homeowners to drastically slash their prices, causing the home to sell for much less than it should. To avoid this kind of trouble, take the time to get a home evaluation done.

What Counts?

When performing your San Diego home evaluation, your professional will take a number of things into account. These include:

? Size of the home (in square feet)

? Age of the home

? Intricacy and uniqueness of design

? Quality of materials

? Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

? Specialty rooms (not found in an average home)

? Amenities such as a swimming pool or fireplace

? Amount of acreage the home is on and the condition it is in

In addition to these physical factors, there are other things that are beyond your control that will be taken into account as well. The actual location of your home in your neighborhood and its proximity to local attractions and business centers, the quality of local schools, and even the employment rate may be factored in to your home's final market value.

One quick note about online home evaluations: there are many websites that offer a home evaluation online if you enter information similar to that listed above. While these pages can be used for reference, a final San Diego home evaluation should be performed in person by a qualified professional.

Once you have the results from your San Diego home evaluation, sit down with a realtor and discuss where to go from there. Once you take into consideration selling costs and other expenses (real estate agent's fees, etc.), you will be able to accurately formulate a fair asking price for your home. This will attract many more buyers from your market and will lead to a quicker sale of your home.

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