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Housing Bubbles and You

Are we in a housing bubble? To answer that question first we need to understand what a housing bubble actually is. A housing bubble is what happens when the there is a significant rise in the market that is mostly due to the expectation that the prices will continue to rise. The bubble will not burst until people start to doubt the reasoning behind the increase. Once the bubble is burst the market will take a sharp drop.

You will find that financial markets are much more prone to market bubbles than the housing market. There is a good reason for this and that is the fact that housing markets have so many more costs involved. For example you have to deal with sales commissions and other carrying costs.

But how do you really know if you are in a housing bubble? Is it possible to speculate on price increases when you are in the midst of new construction? Can you actually avoid transaction costs? Yes it is possible but there are a series of buys and sells and loans involved which is a lot of work for many people.

It is far more risky for both the borrowers and the lenders when they are working in an area that is in a price bubble. Lenders need to be very careful because the market could collapse at any moment. The problem for the lenders is that by offering different loans to different areas that could be considered discrimination, what then? Isn't discrimination illegal? It could be in some places. Lenders have it tough because either way they stand to lose a lot and the competition is high everywhere.

It can be difficult for mortgage brokers to get a fair shake when their rates are not competitive enough, but they can only do so much before they are taking to large of a risk. They need to find the right lenders to work with and that can be a challenge as well.

AN investment loan is something that is getting more popular all of the time. Many people buy homes not to live in themselves but to rent out for profit. This type of investing can bring in a lot of money to the investor if they know what they are doing. This is an especially risky loan to give when in a housing bubble. That is why these mortgage brokers are so in need of good counterparts.

Price appreciation is the key to all housing bubbles. If you want to make the most out of the money you have to spend on a house you will want to choose the option adjustable rate mortgage. This is a great choice for those who do not want to be paying too much in the beginning stages of their mortgage. As a housing bubble buyer you have the power to get much more house for your money. Since the prices are being driven up the more you spend the more it is going to be worth in a couple of years. This means that you stand to make much more money than if you bought smaller and an option ARM will only give you even more power to buy. Even though the balance on the loan may be getting larger at first this does not matter in the least when you are standing to make so much more money. The amount that you will make will more than make up for this factor. But remember as an investor that this might sound good, and it is god, but only as long as the housing bubble does not burst. Once it does you and the lender stand to lose a significant amount of money.

Martin Lukac, California mortgage Lender (, provides mortgage financing for purchase, refinance, bad credit, and more. Request a free quote or ask a question.


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