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The Secret Jewel in the Mediterranean Crown

Since the Northern Cypriots famously voted 'yes' to the UN backed Annan plan for the peaceful reunification of Cyprus in 2004 the world has awoken to the secret and hidden beauty of this untouched jewel in the Mediterranean crown. Those open-minded and individual thinkers seeking elegant living, unrivalled Mediterranean-region investment property opportunities or their own hideaway are today embracing Northern Cyprus.

Discover a new world, discover a new opportunity, discover North Cyprus.

Basking in the beautiful Mediterranean, enjoying 320 days sunshine a year, with stunning natural beauty, a rich and diverse 10,000 year history, rare and abundant flora and fauna is Aphrodite's island of Cyprus. The Northern third of this island paradise has the most beautiful and unspoilt coastline on the Mediterranean because during the 1960s and 1970s when bad building practices in the rest of the world allowed for ugly concrete high-rise buildings on every beach, Northern Cyprus remained completely untouched.

Today the forward thinking Turkish Cypriot people have been rewarded for their hard work in protecting their paradise and they're proud to welcome visitors to their uniquely preserved island haven, to introduce new residents to their incredible quality of life and to embrace investors looking to nurture and develop this corner of heaven on earth.

The Turkish Cypriot Government encourages sensitive, low density, high quality property development and they're establishing an incredibly attractive and strong property market as a result.

The attraction of the property market in North Cyprus is obvious and manifold, for example: -

o Where else in the world can 'normal' people afford to live in an untouched, unspoilt and underdeveloped location with the perfect climate, year round sunshine, pretty harbours, crusader castles, stunning mountains, wild natural beaches, trendy bars, quality restaurants and endless entertainment opportunities?

o Where else in the Mediterranean region can you purchase quality housing from as little as 40,000?

o Where else in the world is there such a huge discrepancy between house prices than in Cyprus with properties in the South selling for up to 150% more than properties in the North?

o Independent expert analysis predicts that the property market in the South will continue to rise over the medium term, that the property market in Northern Cyprus will come in line with the South over the medium term and that investment in property across Cyprus is "highly attractive," with the property market in Northern Cyprus "about to boom."

o Property prices in the North have at least doubled in recent years making significant short term gains achievable.

o Those who invest for the medium to long term will maximise capital growth and investment returns.

Purchasing property in Northern Cyprus couldn't be simpler, there's no need to establish a company to purchase, no need to learn a whole new legal system or even a foreign language, no need to add 20% to the purchase price for hidden taxes and no need to worry that you could buy better for less anywhere else on the Med! Non-residents can own freehold property in North Cyprus, the legal system is based on the British system, lawyers, estate agents and developers all speak English to a high standard and legal fees and taxes are low and always clearly detailed.

One word of warning, care needs to be taken relating to the title deed of any property you're considering purchasing. Negative press reports you may have read regarding the purchase of illegal property in Northern Cyprus relate to people who have not bought property with clean title deeds. Despite propaganda to the contrary, it is internationally accepted that many types of land and property purchase in North Cyprus are 100% legal with correct application; the legality and legitimacy of the purchase depends on the title deed the property holds. Therefore, just as it is essential to appoint legal representation when buying property 'back home,' so it is equally essential to appoint independent legal representation in Northern Cyprus and for your lawyer to research the title deed of the property or land you're seeking to purchase and to advise you on the legality of the transaction accordingly.

Rhiannon Williamson is the publisher of - the online resource that guides you to a low tax, maximum investment profit lifestyle abroad.

Shelter Offshore features three main channels - offshore investment, property investment abroad and overseas lifestyle.

Rhiannon Williamson is also the author of 'The Offshore Advantage' which teaches readers how to build secure wealth using their secret offshore advantage.


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