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Kings Bay Georgia Real Estate - An Amusing Tale About a Real Estate Agent

This story is true and not meant to hurt anyone, but the more that I think about what happened, the more it makes me laugh. I hope that you not only get a chuckle from it as I did, but take your time and look for a professional real estate agent.

Sometime back I was handling a tranaction for a client that was buying a home. A situation arose that was beyond anyone's control. I am a get involved and make it work type mortgage lender, so I jumped right into the problem looking for a remedy. I quickly thought of a way to make this real estate transaction work in the best interest of all parties. However, the closing date was going to be delayed a few days during the process. I informed all parties of the problem. My client of whom is most important to me, had no problem with the delay and was happy that I had found resolution to the problem. Well, I am feeling good about what I had done and moved quickly to get the tranaction toward the closing table.

The next day I spoke with this Realtor and they told me they would bring documents, amendments, etc. to me the next morning. When they arrived, they had nothing that I really needed, so we talked a little and I told this agent what I needed. They said they would have it later that day.

I went to a neighboring city on business after that. Early that afternoon, I received a call from an interested party saying this agent was angry with me and that I was a liar. Well, I considered that this agent was new in the business and didn't seem very bright, so I decided to call the agent and set the record straight. I called, no answer, so I left a message on the agents voice mail to call me>

The agent called back and this is what the agent said: I am typing the words just as they were pronounced: I said Hello, how are you? The agent said I aint doing wurf a krap, you done told me 3 or 4 lies and I am sick of it. I quickly said, calm down, I haven't lied to you, there is obviously a misunderstanding here. The agent didn't hear a word I said, as the agent was yelling the whole time.The agent said I am sick en tired of dis shit! I am going to come up er and kick yo ass! Then the agent said you aint nuttin but an ole drunk, Ima coming up er and whoop yor ass. Then they hung up on me!

Well, I was kind of angry at first. Then I thought about Hee Haw and it made me laugh. At the same time I was laughing I thought about how unprofessional this real estate agent was and how scary it is that someone obviously that ignorant could pass the real estate exam. Not to mention, who did the hiring here? You have to qustion their professionalism as well. I can't imagine anyone buying anything from this person that wasn't handed out the window of a drive-thru! Geez!

Well, it takes all kinds to make the world go round. But, if you are going to select a real estate agent to help you make the biggest monetary decision in your life, by all means interview them. HEE HAW!

Glenn Keller is a mortgage professional and decided to write this article so homebuyers to be will take the time and search for a professional real estate agent. I feel that it is good to find humor in everything.


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