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The UK has Gone Property TV Show Crazy!

The UK has gone property TV crazy. There are now shows about developing, buying, doing up and selling your home on every channel nearly every day. TV show presenters have become celebrities and household names.Some TV stations have had property show weekends purely dedicated to property TV shows. The UK has got an insatiable appetite for the shows.

Why property TV crazy?

The UK has experienced some unsustainable house price rises . This has resulted in property owners having huge amounts of equity in their homes. The majority of people who have owned a home for the last 5 years now have a huge asset. Looking after your home and achieving the best from it has become paramount.Those looking to benefit from their profits are seeking to invest in property overseas or buy second homes to rent. No wonder the UK has gone Property TV crazy.

We have reviewed some of the most popular shows.

Channel 4 Property Ladder. Channel 4

Presented by Sarah Beeney this programme charts the highs and lows of new property developers. Typically each show demonstrates that Budget is king. Developers shed a few tears whilst making their first attempt at making money from property development. It's certainly not a task for the feint hearted. Sarah Beeney is an experienced developer herself and gives some invaluable advice.

Our Review: Sarah Beeney can come across as a know it all and "I told you so" is so often on the tip of her tongue. However it's great watching other people's mistakes and she does make some very valuable points. We found ourselves shouting 'don't argue with her just listen

Location Location Location Channel 4 UK style

Two knowledgeable, young and successful London property finders Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer face the weekly challenge of finding someone their ideal home to buy - in just a few days! Filmed at locations all over the UK.

Our Review: Some good tips on looking for your new home. Some of the home seekers can be a bit over ambitious and annoying. The programme is repeated on some satellite channels so some of the house prices are very historic.

Selling Houses Channel 4

Estate agent Andrew Winter tours some of the UK's hardest-to-sell homes, he meets stressed homeowners whose properties have been stuck on the market for months.

Anxious for a sale and unable to work out why no one wants to buy their home, they are desperate for a solution. Andrew gives his frank opinion and recommended course of action. His critical appraisal is often met with opposition? until the owner accepts his advice is vital if they want to sell their house. And sell they do.

Our Review: Andrew Winton is cutting with his comments on those hard to sell houses and there owners. No delicate comments from this man. Some of the owners are subject to his frank honest opinions.9 times out of 10 he is right. It is for us his brutal honesty makes the show more enjoyable. Andrew Winton does get those homes sold. His firm but fair manner makes him a must to watch.

A Place in the Sun

Amanda Lamb presents A place in the sun the show that helps buyers find their dream home in exotic overseas locations. Amanda (Scottish widow advert) finds a wide range of the best properties available and guides potential buyers through the peculiarities and pitfalls of the local market.

Our Review: An excellent show that has extensively researched housing market trends in various sunny locations. It's a must if you are thinking of buying abroad

House Doctor

Anne Maurice is the domestic interiors equivalent of Anne Robinson. She's quick-witted, quick-tongued and quick-fire with her prognosis. If she isn't lightening it, stripping it or painting it white, she's ruthlessly depersonalising it - wrapping it all up in a big black bin bag and dispatching it with a crisp "goodbye"

Our Review: Anne Maurice points out the obvious to these homes sellers and if they don't believe her they are given frank views by potential home buyers. Her shows can become a bit repetitive. However a must watch show

Other People's Houses Channel 4

Providing an excellent opportunity to peer behind other people's curtains each week Naomi Cleaver follows a couple as they attempt to renovate a property and uses this as an excuse to see what other people have done with similar style buildings

Our Review: This programme provides a wonderful opportunity to see ordinary peoples ideas of how they think a home should look. Some useful ideas but it lacks the sparkle of similar shows.

Relocation Relocation Channel 4

Could you re-launch your life, selling your home to fund a new double existence; buying both a place in the country and a pied-a-terre in town? Professional property hunters Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer present a brand new series, Relocation Relocation, helping six couples find the ideal balance: urban energy and rural relaxation.

Our Review: If you can afford two homes one for work the other for the weekends this may be for you. Some of the participants can come across as a bit smug.

Safe as houses

Safe as Houses: 'Tracy and Stephen Gibbs'

Moving house is high on the list of the most stressful things you can do and this property show explores that fact¸ with estate agent Emma Basden and builder Jason Maloney. Steve and Tracy plan to relocate from Cheshunt to St Austell in Cornwall¸ where Tracy is bowled over by the sea and fields and the kind of property they can afford. But things don't quite go to plan.

The UK has experienced some unsustainable house price rises . This has resulted in property owners having huge amounts of equity in their homes. The majority of people who have owned a home for the last 5 years now have a huge asset. Looking after your home and achieving the best from it has become paramount.Those looking to benefit from their profits are seeking to invest in property overseas or buy second homes to rent. No wonder the UK has gone Property TV crazy...

Nicholas Marr
Marr Internationl Ltd
Selling property on behalf of private sellers and estate agents worldwide

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